VOLO Core Collection

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The softest fabric your hair has ever met, in our favorite neutral tone.

The Core Collection includes our signature VOLO Hero Towel, the Spa Headband, and a Towel Scrunchie, all in our Nanoweave™ material. Nanoweave is plush— which means incredibly absorbent and incredibly gentle on your hair.

Included in our Core Collection:

The VOLO Hero Hair Towel: Our Allure Best of Beauty Award-Winning Towel is soft and highly absorbent, which reduces hair damage and frizz so that your hair looks great. The Hero decreases dry time by 50%, and our snug strap ensures your towel stays tucked into place. It’s as easy as wrap, twist, and tuck. Not all heroes wear capes. 

The Spa Headband: Utilizing our Nanoweave fabric to upgrade your daily self care routine! Nanoweave is engineered to be incredibly gentle on your roots and skin, without slipping. From washing your face to an at-home spa day, the VOLO Spa Headband is designed for maximum comfort and convenience. The Spa Headband is a crowd-pleaser and a must-have in every bathroom.

The Scrunchie: The Scrunchies are made of our exclusive Nanoweave™ fabric for a gentle yet firm hold on your hair. When used with wet hair, they decrease dry time by absorbing water. The Scrunchies' fabric %doesn't pull on the hair follicles and keeps your hair looking its best.