VOLO Back Bar Hair Towel

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For decades, the salon industry has relied on outdated terry cloth towels that fall short in absorbency, durability, and appearance. The conventional towels deteriorate over time, leaving salons with unsightly options that fail to meet the evolving needs of clients and hairdressers.

We proudly present the VOLO Hero Back Bar hair towel, designed to transform the salon experience for both clients and hairdressers alike. 

Our Nanoweave fabric saves time (up to 50% less drying time!) while simultaneously treating your clients wet locks with gentle care. By significantly reducing drying time, hairdressers are free to serve more clients without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to a smoother, faster salon experience.

Our VOLO Back Bar Towels ensure superior absorption, enabling hairdressers to work more efficiently, while offering clients a pampering touch that distinguishes your salon from the rest.

6 back bar hair towels are in each pack.
Dimensions of one towel: 28 in x 16 in