The VOLO Go Cordless Dryer


Introducing the VOLO Go: the world’s first cordless, infrared hair dryer, and the healthiest heat styling tool in your arsenal. 

  • The VOLO Go is a salon-quality hair dryer that can go anywhere that you do. You’ll never be tethered to the bathroom wall ever again.

  • The Go is three times as energy-efficient as a traditional dryer thanks to the industry’s most innovative technology. And it doesn’t pop your circuit breaker!

  • The VOLO Go uses a proprietary quartz infrared heat to provide an extremely gentle heat styling experience. It dries hair quickly and efficiently by penetrating each strand of your hair to the cortex with healthy, radiant heat from the inside out. 

Details: The VOLO GO weighs 2.8 lbs and is 12 inches from the bottom of the battery handle to the top of the dryer. From the back of the dryer to the nozzle is 9 inches, and it is about 4 inches wide.


Hair Saviors

Backed by four years of meticulous design, the VOLO Go is the hair dryer reinvented from the ground up. Welcome to the future of haircare— it's safer, it's faster, and it's healthier. Oh, and it's cordless. .

  • feature-1
    Quartz Infrared Bulb
  • feature-2
    Cool Shot
  • feature-3
    Smart Mode
  • feature-4
  • feature-5
    Lithium-Ion Battery
  • feature-6
    Charging Station
  • feature-6
  • feature-6
    LED Battery Indicator
  • QUARTZ INFRARED BULB: Old-fashioned hair dryers have been use nichrome wire to deliver the heat. This kind is heat is called convection— the same type that you might find in your toaster. The VOLO Go infrared bulb delivers radiant heat like the sun, so it dries your hair at lower temperature and leaves it feeling smooth and soft.

  • LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: A removable lithium ion battery pack allows for cordless drying, and can be switched out for extra batteries if needed. The battery is quick to recharge in about 90 minutes.

  • SMART MODE: The VOLO GO uses a new, patent-pending technology that extends the battery life of the hair dryer while optimally delivering heat.

  • CONTROLS: The VOLO Go has 3 simple button controls. The snowflake on the left activates the Cool Shot feature. The On/Off is easily found in the middle. On the right is the control for our Smart Dry setting, which adjusts the heat to when you need it during your drying process, and saves battery life.

  • COOL SHOT: After you are done drying, a cool shot allows you to smooth your locks to perfection and seal the cuticle of your hair and cut down on frizz.

  • CHARGING STATION: Our unique charging station is extremely low profile—perfect for a counter-top or vanity— and has a subtle dish for jewelry or hair accessories. Plus, we added a USB port to the charging base so that you can charge other devices (like your phone) at the same time.

  • CONCENTRATOR: The dryer includes a unique concentrator attachment that dramatically increases heat and targets airflow for styling.

  • LED BATTERY INDICATOR: The LED light indicator lets you know exactly how much charge is left on your battery pack, so you'll always know when you need to recharge, and when you are ready to go.