Coconut Oil and Argan Oil: What to Use for Healthy Hair?

If you are anything like me, then you probably never leave your house without some kind of product in your hair to make it smooth, frizz-free and a little shiny. Currently, my go to hair product is coconut oil. In the past, I have also used Argan oil. Having used both products for years at a time, I was curious to find out which oil is healthier for your hair.

Here’s what I learned:  Argan oil comes from argan tree fruit (which is only native to Morocco), and coconut oil comes from the meat of coconuts. Coconut oil and Argan oil both possess fatty acids that are vital for replenishing hair health.  

Argan oil is contains an abundant number of antioxidants—this is great for your hair because antioxidants that fight free radicals and inhibit UV rays and other pollutants from damaging your hair. Argan oil also seals the hair cuticles, which makes split ends less noticeable and overall makes your hair less frizzy. This is why Argan oil is so great at making hair look luxuriously shiny and healthy.

Coconut oil, like Argan oil, can also help keep frizz at bay, along with many other uses. For example, coconut oil can also be used as a leave-in deep conditioner (however it can sometimes leave hair feeling and looking greasy if over-applied, so it may take some time to find the right amount for your hair type!). Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so when it is utilized on the scalp it can help treat dandruff and other skin conditions.

Coconut oil can also clean away dead skin—this allows for increased follicle growth which can lead to fuller and healthier hair growth. Studies indicate coconut oil strengthens hair and might even prevent hair loss (more details here).

In the end, instead of using one oil over the other it seems using both oils would help achieve the luxurious locks we all want. Using coconut oil as a scalp treatment is a great option, because maintaining a healthy scalp is crucial in order to grow healthy hair. Using Argan oil in your everyday hair routine has its benefits as well, because Argan oil is great to control frizz, minimize the appearance of split ends, and add a healthy shine.

What oils do you use? What oils do you want to know more about?


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