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Nanoweave™ is most gentle and absorbent microfiber fabric ever made. It’s extremely dense and plush, allowing it to absorb tons of water out of your hair. It’s baby soft, and washes and dries like a dream.

Machine wash cold or hot, dry at at low temperature, avoid fabric softener. Always spread out to dry after each use!

Depends on your hair. For most hair types, we recommend the original VOLO Hero. IF you have longer hair (think well past your shoulders) or significantly thicker hair that is difficult to dry, we recommend the Super Hero. 

In our books, the best way to protect your hair from heat damage is to remove excess water and dry partially with a gentle towel (Check out our VOLO Hero towel for inspo). Doing so will dramatically reduce your dry time. When you are drying your hair with a hair dryer, we love infrared heat for a healthier, gentler exposure to heat. 

Absolutely! We highly recommend starting your haircare routine with a microfiber towel like the VOLO Hero to remove excess water and prepare your hair to be dried. Once you do this, you’ll find your dry time drastically diminishes, and you expose your hair to much less heat. 

By drying using infrared heat, the VOLO Go dries hair at a lower temperature, and dries the hair evenly from the inside out. Traditional dryers heat the air around the hair rather than the hair itself, so the outside of your strand is exposed to excess heat before the entire strand is dry all the way through. Because of the infrared heat used in the VOLO Go, it avoids this excess damage. 

Traditional hair dryers use nichrome wire to deliver the heat. This kind of heat is called convection— the same type that you might find in your toaster. Infrared heat is a different kind of heat— similar to the sun, it penetrates into the object of the heat and dries evenly from the inside out.

Definitely. The initial VOLO Go will have great output in terms of heat and volume (compared to pro dryers like the Bionic 10X and Dyson) and many stylists, especially session stylists, are taking interest. Keep in touch to hear more about the multi-bay charger and other pro features we’re rolling out!

We know it sometime can be a tight fit! Here is a little video with a tip on how to remove the battery: https://vimeo.com/578208839
Basically, hold the dryer head firmly with one hand, pinch the two release buttons with the other hand, and hold the entire dryer against your chest as you pull it apart!
Thanks for your understanding that we would rather it be a bit snug rather than too loose!

Yes, our battery is safe to leave in the charger indefinitely, it will not be damaged.

Yes! Click here.

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