“It’s GO time”

Below you’ll find everything you might need to get to know your Go. Have more questions? Feel free to check out the FAQ section below the instruction videos, or reach out to us using the chat function on the bottom right.

WHAT's in my box?

Zip open your carrying case and get to know your VOLO Go! In the case you’ll find your dryer head, concentrator, dryer battery pack, charging base, and charging cable. 

Attaching the Battery

Attach the dryer head to your battery pack by sliding the pack into the head firmly. To remove the battery, grab the pinch points of the battery pack and pull down from the dryer head.

Setting up the Charging Base

Remove the protective plastic from the wall plug, plug in the cord to the back of the charging base, and plug in the charging base cable to the wall outlet. 

Tip: use the dish of the charging base to store small items like jewelry!

Attaching the Concentrator

Snap your concentrator onto the dryer by pressing firmly to connect the two together. 

Tip: for a sleeker blow out, use the concentrator to direct more concentrated heat and airflow to your hair.

Charging the Dryer

Rest the dryer in the base-- the lights on the fuel gauge will glow and flash, letting you know you are charging. The dryer takes about two hours to fully charge, indicated by all four bars on the fuel gauge. As long as the dryer is in the base, the light on the base will remain on. You can charge the battery with or without the dryer head attached.

Turning on the VOLO Go

Remove the dryer from the charging base and press the center power button on the back of the dryer to turn it on. Press once to turn the dryer on, and once more to turn the dryer off. To check your battery power, press on the fuel gauge. Four bars indicates a full charge


Turn on your dryer then press the snowflake button on the left to activate the cool shot. Press the snowflake button again to turn the cool shot off.


Smart Mode is automatically activated when you turn your dryer on. Smart Mode conserves energy and modulates the heat output as your hair dries to use less heat overall on your hair. For full heated power, turn Smart Mode off by pressing the VOLO button on the right. 

Note: Turning Smart Mode off will use more energy from the battery pack. 

Using your Charging Base USB

Charge your devices through the charging base by plugging into the USB port on the base. You can charge devices while charging the dryer, or separately. Compatible with cellphones and other small electronics. 

Travel and Safety Information

Remove the battery pack from the dryer head while traveling.

We recommend traveling with your dryer in the VOLO Go carrying case for safe keeping :)


Check out our FAQ's here.


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