About VOLO Beauty

VOLO Beauty changes the way we dry hair. 

In 2016, Ryan and Jonathan set out to change the beauty industry with a product that could revolutionize the way hair is dried, and in turn change the way we think about possibilities in beauty. They were told their idea was impossible...but you know how that story ends. 

Traditional hair dryers rely on nichrome wire (yep, the same wire found in a toaster oven) to bring the heat.

This kind of heat is called convective heat. Think of the way food cooks in an oven—the outside crisps before the inside. The same is true of a nichrome wire in your hair dryer. It heats the air around your hair, heating the outside first before finally drying your hair all the way through. To get your hair completely dry, the outside of your hair is exposed to more heat than necessary.

Their combined experience in beauty and in engineering paved the way for them to dream up, then execute, the first cordless and infrared hair dryer. The VOLO Go Cordless Dryer is their first in a series of heat styling tools and hair products. 

VOLO Beauty has found that we can achieve a healthier and more energy efficient dry using infrared heat. 

Infrared heat dries your hair differently. Infrared heat is radiant heat, meaning it is penetrative heat. Our infrared bulb warms the hair itself, drying the hair all the way through. By drying your hair evenly throughout, you are cutting down on over-exposure to heat on your hair.

Ryan Goldman
Ryan Goldman, Co-Founder and CEO,

 turned a family business into a beauty supply empire. Founded in 1945, Empire Beauty began as a wholesaler and, under Ryan’s leadership, grew into 21 stores and salons in Southern California. As the President of Empire Beauty Co. and the Co-Founder of Spectrum Salon Services, Ryan carries hard-earned industry credentials into his work at VOLO Beauty.

Jonathan Friedman
Jonathan Friedman, Co-Founder and President,

  is a Cornell-educated engineer with a Master’s in Engineering Management from Northwestern, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. His drive to optimize products is matched only by his passion for building businesses. Jonathan's experience in supply chain, manufacturing, and early-stage companies are a perfect fit at VOLO Beauty.

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