The Cordless Hairdryer

It's about time.

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Cordless. infrared.

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Introducing the VOLO Go Cordless Dryer.

The freedom to do you.

VOLO is the freedom to explore. It’s the difference between feeling perpetually rushed and feeling completely put together. It’s the ability to schedule your day exactly as you want, entirely untethered. VOLO is your life, your way.

Go ahead. Cut the cord.  

Innovation in Beauty

The VOLO Go Cordless Dryer
  • Cordless

  • Infrared Technology

  • Powerful Battery Life

  • Less Damage to Hair

  • Dries Faster

  • Excellent Airflow

"In my dream a few nights ago I was using a cordless dryer lol. Need to get my hands on one of those!"

"After trying the VOLO prototype, I was amazed at the heat and airflow. This is not a novelty dryer: it performs better than the dryer that I use at work."

“That’s awesome!  I hate all the cords. There are not enough outlets so I have to keep switching. I totally want one.”

VOLO is so coming with me to work, school and on the train! Anywhere there's traveling & I’m thinking camping.. lol.. why wouldn't I want a nice blow out as I’m roasting marshmallows?

About Us

Meet Ryan and Jonathan, the creators behind VOLO Beauty.