Infrared Light & Hair Health

There are a lot of blow dryers out there, but how many blow dryers out there really care for your hair?

Our infrared bulb makes VOLO Go revolutionary as a healthy blow dryer because it goes beyond just drying your hair faster—it promotes healthier hair. And not just by saving you from excess heat damage; the infrared bulb emits red light, a known healthy hair stimulator. Scientific studies have shown red light therapy to affect hair thickness, hair count, and hair density. 

Hair growth works in three phases: the growth, or anagen, phase; the rest, or telogen, phase; and the shedding, or catagen, phase.

What happens when red light therapy is introduced, however, is that the last two phases are sped up. Because red light therapy has been found to help increase blood flow in the scalp, it in turn has been shown to encourage faster metabolism in the catagen and telogen hair follicles, aka the follicles that are resting or shedding their hair. This results in a faster production of the new hairs (and no—red light therapy has never been shown to make hair grow anywhere it never has before).

While no known therapy will work for all types of hair loss—once a follicle has died, there isn’t much likelihood in reviving it—red light therapy has been shown to stimulate follicles that have stopped producing hair to start once more, as well as encourage follicles that have been growing brittle or thin hair to grow healthier hair again.

A huge overhaul in your hair health is not going to happen overnight, but changing the way you care for your hair can start today. The VOLO Go cordless dryer is the first step in healthier hair styling, focused on upgrading your hair health every single day.



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