San Diego VOLO Beauty Launch + VIP Cocktail Hour!

We had the pleasure of debuting the VOLO Go Cordless Dryer to local influencers in San Diego at the end of January, and had so much fun. 

Throughout the night, a select group of influencers from our hometown had the opportunity to meet with our founders, hear more about our products, check out our soon-to-come microfiber quick-dry towels and serums, have a glass of rosé, and see the VOLO Go in action. 

We love getting to know the creatives in the hair, beauty, and lifestyle space here in SD. Learning more about what they do, the audience they reach, and the content they create was invaluable. Plus, we loved offering each of their audiences the ability to take a see behind the scenes look into what we are creating here at VOLO Beauty. 

We were joined by these lovely ladies:

Lauren Erro

Cherrymae Salvidar

Jasmin Soroush

Jaclyn Goldbaum

Michelle Le

Samantha Hunter

Vanessa Berlin

Celeste Hernholm

Jennifer Tarver

Vanessa Balli

Brianna Colling

 We'll be hosting events like this throughout the US in the coming months to get to know more creatives all over the country. Next stop-- Orange County on February 26th, and Los Angeles on March 5th. The support and rave reviews of the VOLO Go that we received at this event only reinforced our belief that the cordless dryer is something every woman would love, and something that will completely change the way we think about doing hair. We can't wait to see the VOLO Go in women's hands everywhere, and to further partner with influencers to spread the news about the first cordless, infrared hair dryer. 

Think your city is right for a VOLO Debut + VIP Cocktail hour? Shoot us an email or drop a comment below and we'll look into a city near you. 



  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    I’m very excited !!! (and a little sad.) I’m a hairstylist. when I started doing hair about 12yrs ago. I couldn’t stand the limitations of a chord. So I thought it would be great to have a chordless dryer. Everyone I told said it wouldn’t work. Last year I shared my idea with a client of mine, and she said lets do it. I’ll help you give this idea life! We didn’t have any luck, no resources etc.
    When I saw this today I was shocked and amazed! I cannot wait to use this behind the chair. And I hope you keep going with other hot tools !!!!

  • Renee Arellano

    I want one !!!! How much please???

  • Jessica Bowling

    Chicago would be perfect for this market!! Please contact me ASAP!! ?

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