Supporting Black-Owned Businesses: Beach House Towels

At VOLO Beauty, we want to show our support for the black community. As a small business, we decided this was the next step. Once a month, we will purchase products from a black-owned business for a giveaway and use our platform to help spread brand awareness. This month we are shining the spotlight on Beach House Towels!

Beach House Towels is an electric and fun brand that aims to share the versatility and beauty of Turkish towels, robes, and other textiles with their customers. This at-home luxury is made for both indoor and outdoor, making their products extremely versatile! 

The owners, Bora & Tiana, radiate passion and pride--gushing about the story of how the brand came to be! When this couple began dating, Tiana’s eyes were opened wide to the extravagance and beauty of Turkish culture. From the delish food, to the magnificent architecture, to delicately woven towels, Tiana immediately knew these products needed to be shared on a grand scale.

Towels 101:

The Turks invented towels, so it’s no surprise that Beach House Towels uses only the highest quality cotton sourced from Turkey. After Tiana and Bora’s frequent visits to Turkey, their friends and family frequently asked them to bring back the towels. With interests peaking and curiosity blooming, Beach House Towels was born! Starting as a passion project, Beach House Towels quickly grew larger than the duo had ever imagined. 

Tiana recalls, “I look back at it very fondly because we didn’t put too much pressure on ourselves. We allowed ourselves to be students.” With no added pressure and a passion for creating the best product possible, Tiana and Bora were able to focus on the most important thing: creating a fun, playful towel that both their younger and older demographic will absolutely love. By creating a colorful product that captures youth and class, Beach House Towels aims to price their products at a more affordable rate than the typical boutique store.

Behind the Product:

Sourcing quality cotton from ethical producers is a key factor for creating a product that both Tiana and Bora can be proud of. “At least twice a year, we go to Southern Turkey to work with two small businesses to source the products ourselves”. They spend hours touching and feeling different fabrics, making sure that each Beach House Towel product is made from the finest quality cotton.

Beach House Towels--Quarantine Edition: 

Like for many business owners, COVID has created a slew of unique challenges for every business. “We mostly depended on in-person transactions or communication with our customers.” With the face-to-face customer interactions in markets, they spent their time properly educating their consumers on the versatility of their products. Now, Tiana and Bora have transitioned to using digital platforms to promote and cultivate business. While this transition has been difficult, Beach House Towels has begun to reach a wider audience with the use of platforms like social media. Be sure to follow @beachhousetowels to get the latest updates on what’s new!

Founder’s favorite products giveaway: 

We are incredibly excited to partner with Beach House Towels for a giveaway! Here are some of Tiana and Bora’s favorite products that you will absolutely adore:

The Towels: 

Diamond Towels 

New customers rave about these! All towels are made with a blend of Turkish and Egyptian cloth, making these the most luxurious, soft towels you’ll ever feel!

Tokyo – Beach House Towels

Kobe Towel

This product is included in the giveaway!

Kobe - Available Late August

The Robes: 

Wrap yourself in luxurious and experience a comfort so irresistible! These robes are both stylish and chic, making you want to show off your new accessory to your friends and family.

The Morocco

Morocco Robe – Beach House Towels

The Mexico City Robe

Mexico City Robe

Throws: Stonewashed 

Looking for a simple, chic, yet durable throw for your chair or loveseat? Beach House Towels’ have got you covered! Their throws are an essential finishing touch for any room, making every guest feel warm and welcomed!

Brooklyn - Beach House Towels

Hair Routine

Co-founder of Beach House Towels, Tiana, has the most simple hair routine imaginable. Thirteen years ago, she made the decision to lock her hair. This decision was the quick, easy solution for maintaining her long, luscious locks. Now, Tiana is able to keep her hair care routine simple and easy. By combining Vitamin E, argan, grape seed oil, and water, Tiana creates a luxurious daily spray that keeps her locks and scalp hydrated. 

What’s Next 

With the holidays right around the corner, Beach House Towels has some exciting things coming your way! Starting October 30th, Beach House Towels will be at Bryant Park Urban Space Market, one of the biggest holiday markets in the country. If you’re in the New York area, be sure to check out Beach House Towels and experience the luxury of Turkish towels, robes, and more! 


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