Supporting Black-Owned Businesses: Elements of Aliel


At VOLO Beauty, we want to show our support for the black community. As a small business, we decided this was the next step. Once a month, we will purchase products from a black-owned business for a giveaway and use our platform to help spread brand awareness. This month we are shining the spotlight on Elements of Aliel!

Elements of Aliel has your new skincare essentials! Started back in 2012, Elements of Aliel is a Philly-based small business on a mission to simplify your daily skincare routine. Founder, Lakeisha Entsuah, wants to help you build a healthy skincare routine that is a “well-balanced diet for your skin.” When initially faced with infertility issues prior to the birth of her small business, Lakeisha began her health journey.

“I realized that it’s not what you just put inside your body that matters, but also what you put on your skin,” Lakeisha stated. “As I began to take an inventory of my beauty products and personal care products, I realized that there were some things I needed to switch out.”

So Lakeisha hit the kitchen and began whipping up products that would nourish dry, sensitive skin, using only the most natural ingredients. Today, Elements of Aliel has grown larger than Lakeisha has ever imagined and is a true labor of her love.

Skincare 101:

Lakeisha stresses that your skin is the largest organ we have; therefore, it’s super important that we use products that nourish the skin. As someone with extremely dry, sensitive skin, Lakeisha decided to produce products based on her 4 pillars: no water or preservatives, made with 7 ingredients or less, nutrient dense, and a connection to her roots. 

Because preservatives can be irritating to the skin, Lakeisha makes sure that she formulates her products with ingredients that do not require the addition of preservatives. By using 7 ingredients or less, Lakeisha says that it’s easier to determine what is working for your skin and what’s not. With her nutrient dense formula, she wants to ensure that her products are nourishing the skin on the deepest level. In addition, creating a product that reflects Lakeisha’s roots is incredibly important to her. She sources many of her ingredients from Ghana, as she and her family have ancestral ties there. 

Hair Care Routine:

In the words of Lakeisha, “wash day is an event!” Because her wash day can be a very long process, Lakeisha tries to keep it as simple as possible. Using only 2 products, Lakeisha says her must-have products include Pureology’s Hydrate Shampoo and the Curly, Coily Tresses Deep-Conditioning Treatment. She also uses a leave-in spray after she is done washing her hair. Lakeisha is so excited to try the VOLO Hero Microfiber Hair Towel to help cut her dry time in half!

The Founder’s Favorites: 

VOLO Beauty is so excited to partner with Elements of Aliel, and we will be giving away one of Lakeisha’s favorite products!

Love Cleanser: This was Lakeisha’s first & favorite product, and she uses it every day! This cleanser is made from African Black Soap sourced from Ghana. Because her husband’s family is from Ghana, this product holds a special place in her heart.

I’m Beet Facial Clay Mask: This facial clay mask is an essential for brightening your skin and making you feel more confident instantly.

ACE Oil: This is their newest product and is perfect for really dry skin. Lakeisha said that their ACE Oil is “one of the best things she’s ever made!” This product is perfect for eczema prone skin and perfect for those cold winter days.

How to Support

As a small business in a pandemic, Lakeisha has to think of new ways to be creative when attracting new clients. Lakeisha’s products are a perfect gift this holiday season for the skincare conscious consumer -- and perhaps a perfect gift to give along with the VOLO Hero! You can also support Elements of Aliel by following their Instagram page @elementsofaliel and liking them on Facebook!

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