The VOLO Hair Series: Hailey Knott


Introducing the VOLO Hair Series! Each week, we sit down and chat with an awesome gal to hear more about everything from how they take care of their hair to how they found their perfect style. Want to take part? Shoot us an email at to learn more about getting involved!

Hailey, originally from the Bay area, moved to San Diego for school. She worked during college and that's when she fell in love with branding. Hailey developed her own brand and started offering branding services, ad campaigns and marketing management services. She developed her own business form based off what she learned working in the space, and has chased her branding dreams ever since!


What is your everyday or go to hairstyle?
Most of the time it honestly depends on how much time I have. For work, I shower every morning so I usually just brush my hair and throw it into a bun. I have really long hair so it’s harder to style it.

Have you ever tried any drastic or out-of-character hairstyles?
Everybody has! I remember after camp rock came out, I wanted to do front bangs. I thought I could rock it...and I could not rock it. I clipped them up until they grew out. 

What is one non-negotiable part of your hair-care or styling routine?
I would say I don’t use a lot of hair products but there is one I love. It’s called R&B it’s from Lush. It’s a hair moisturizer. Once i get out of the shower it works as a leave in conditioner. It’s a bit expensive but it’s one of my favorite things ever. It keeps your hair smooth for a whole day.

What is your favorite hair-care secret to gorgeous hair? (Ex - using hair masks, curling hair with a straightener, putting hair up in a microfiber towel, etc.)
Everyone always asks me but I barely cut my hair! I have no split ends and I think it’s because I don’t use any heat. I braid it, throw it into a bun or let it air dry. I used to blow dry and straightened it when I cared what people thought, but now I don’t and I don’t have split ends anymore. In high school my hair was really bad so I kind of stopped.

Who is your hair inspiration or hair goals? Why?
Ariana Grande’s hair is fake but everytime I see it I’m like YES! I love it.

If you could magically change your hair to any length and color for one day, what would your dream hair look like?
The beachy waves are super trendy right now! I have a wand and my hair is so thick I feel like it never ends up as effortless or good as it’s supposed to look. I’d do anything for sandy brown, effortless beachy waves, at the same length my hair is now.

What are you most proud of about your hair?
I’m proud of how healthy it is today compared to how unhealthy it used to be. I know what it can look like when I use too much heat. Even though I don’t cut it as often, I’m proud of how healthy it is today.

How did you figure out what haircut/color is most flattering for you?

Trial and error! I did bangs, scene hair in high school, basic one length, layers... you have to try different styles. It’s honestly about what you like the most. I’ve never been one to bring a picture into a hair stylist. It’s best to just figure out what fits your own lifestyle.

If you had to pick one quote or short piece advice to promote hair confidence and acceptance, what would it be?

Probably just be natural and be you! You don’t need to copy what you see on magazines and commercials. Everybody has their own style and obviously we’re all different people. Putting someone into a box and saying “this is how you need to wear your hair” is BS. You’re the one living in your skin so you need to be happy with it.

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