The VOLO Hair Series: Rebecca Ferguson


Introducing the VOLO Hair Series! Each week, we sit down and chat with an awesome gal to hear more about everything from how they take care of their hair to how they found their perfect style. Want to take part? Shoot us an email at to learn more about getting involved!

Originally, Rebecca is from Louisiana. She is a blogger by day and a nurse by night. She loves both jobs passionately. She loves being a blogger because of all the people she has met and lifelong friends she has made through blogging.  Outside of blogging, she loves to travel and spend time with her husband and family. Today is also Rebecca's Birthday! Happy Birthday from the VOLO Team!


What is your every day or go to hairstyle?

I would say my everyday hairstyle would be wearing my hair all the way down with a slight curl to it. I get headaches when I wear my hair up for too long, so most of the time you can find me with my hair down!

Have you ever tried any drastic or out-of-character hairstyles?

I wouldn’t say I have done anything too drastic before, but I did dye my hair auburn for a little while. I actually loved it…it made me feel a little like Ariel from The Little Mermaid! Haha!

What is one non-negotiable part of your hair-care or styling routine?

That would definitely be my curling iron! My natural hair is pretty curly, but I have always loved softer curls instead of the frizzy/kinky curls I have. My curling iron helps me smooth through my frizz which leaves me with a softer look.

What is your favorite hair-care secret to gorgeous hair?  

I only wash my hair 2x per week. I know this may sound weird to some people, but it has actually helped my hair so much. Every time I wash my hair, I blow dry it straight and then give it a little curl with my curling iron. By only doing this 2x a week, it has cut down on heat damage significantly.

Who is your hair inspiration or hair goals? Why?

Amber Fillerup Clark! She is a blogger I have been following forever who originally started out by sharing hairstyles. I wear her clip-in-hair extension line and I love how much fun she has with her hair!  

If you could magically change your hair to any length and color for one day, what would your dream hair look like?  

I would probably keep my hair color the same, but it would be much longer!  I have always loved long hair, but my hair doesn’t grow very fast. Anytime I am craving the length…I pop in hair extensions! 

What are you most proud of about your hair? 

I’m proud of the fact that I experiment around with it and have fun with it!

How did you figure out what haircut/color is most flattering for you? 

Well, in a way, I think I’m still experimenting with that. I think anyone can pull off multiple styles and colors, so it’s just about having fun with it and enjoying the look you’ve got going on at the moment. 

If you had to pick one quote or short piece advice to promote hair confidence and acceptance, what would it be?

Whatever style you have at the moment, rock it! Having confidence in what your hair looks like right now is the best hairstyle!


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