What Can Infrared Light Do for Overall Health and Wellbeing?

While hair is our major focus at VOLO, we didn’t just choose to include infrared light for your hair health. Red light therapy’s health effects go far deeper than just your hair; it can improve your skin, help to treat mental health issues, and boost your overall wellbeing. While the VOLO Go dryer is meant for your hair, we love to promote awareness about red light therapy and its applications.

As we’ve mentioned before, red light has the ability to penetrate into your hair and into your skin, due to its wavelength. Similar to the way plants respond to sunlight via photosynthesis, the human body is able to use the longer rays of light that infrared offers to stimulate fibroblasts, the types of cells that make collagen and elastin. Over time, exposure to infrared light can help freshen your collagen and elastin stores, improving the look of wrinkles.

Red light therapy also promotes your natural circulation, adding to the plumping, skin tightening, and toning effect, and often helping skin issues like acne, psoriasis, eczema and sun damage to heal more quickly. Red light therapy is even approved to help heal wounds. 

In terms of your mental health, light therapy has been proven to treat a multitude of conditions including for insomnia, seasonal affective disorder, and depression, as well as other mood disorders. While light therapy is not considered a cure, it is considered a proven method to help support your mental health.

Red light therapy has also been tested and proven as a viable treatment for chronic pain by increasing circulation to the affected areas. 

Ultimately, while the VOLO Go cordless dryer is clearly intended to dry your hair, we feel confident that including exposure to a source of infrared light in any way can only benefit you in the long run. We think that the technology you use every day should support your health, and we’re excited to continue sharing ways that red light therapy can support yours!

What does your hair dryer do for you?


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