ZOE Report Review of the VOLO Go Cordless Dryer!

Quoted from the article by Isabella Sarlija:

"Traditionally, I have bad luck with blow dryers. My hair is pretty frizzy on its own, and whenever I give myself a blowout, it usually looks like a puffy mess that *needs* either oil or another heat styling tool to smooth things out. Well, the Volo Go promises to deliver high shine and frizz-free hair with its infrared heat. Given that I’ve never tried that type of technology on my hair before, I decided to give this blow dryer a go. Here’s how it went — plus my honest opinion about whether the dryer is worth the money."

The Specs On The VOLO Go Cordless Dryer

"The average blow dryer uses convection heat via a nichrome wire...it’s basically the same heating device you would find in your toaster. This type of heat blasts hot air onto your hair cuticles and heats the hair from the outside in.

The Volo Go, on the other hand, uses infrared heat to dry your hair. This is critical to its design — infrared heat is radiant heat, which penetrates the strands for a more even heat overall. It also just so happens to be the same type of heat that the sun emits. This is the difference between radiant heat and convection heat: radiant heat penetrates, leaving strands smooth and shiny, while convection cooks the hair in layers from the outside in, leaving the hair frizzy and cuticles frayed.

Of course, radiant heat *is* better than convection heat, but it’s still heat, and it will inevitably damage your hair. Well, the professionals at Volo Beauty understand this, which is why they added a Smart Mode on the Volo Go, which determines how long you’ve blow dried your hair, and radiates less heat as your hair becomes drier. This essentially switches through the hot and warm settings on your dryer for you, significantly minimizing unnecessary heat exposure for your hair. Oh, and there’s a cool shot feature, which is ideal for blasting the hair with cold air to seal the cuticles and diminish the look of frizz."

A Blow Dryer That Fits My Lifestyle

"With the Volo Go, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I could dry and style my hair. The infrared heat in the Volo Go Dryer wicks moisture away from strands almost instantly, and I was able to completely dry my hair in only three minutes.

After that, it only took me about 10 minutes to style my hair to perfection with a round brush. I attribute this to the fact that the Volo Go heats the hair from the inside out, which causes less fraying of the hair cuticles, leading to a more sealed texture overall. Plus, the Smart Mode feature is truly brilliant. I felt the temperature going down as I styled my hair, which was a nice bonus since I’m always finagling with the hot, warm, and cold settings on traditional blow dryers."

Do You Need the VOLO Go?

"So, do I think The Volo Go Dryer merits its $450 price tag?...Considering that this blow dryer works with infrared heat that causes minimal damage, *and* has a Smart Mode that minimizes heat production as your drying continues, it will undoubtedly be kind to your hair that both coloring and treatments might damage.

Think about it this way: the money that you spend repairing damage to your hair is exorbitant — moisture masks, salon treatments, leave-in conditioners. The list goes on and on. However, as with most things in beauty, prevention is better than treatment. This blow dryer will keep your hair supple and shiny while causing less damage than a traditional blow dryer in its price range. So, if you have the budget to spend $450 on a blow dryer, and you style your hair with hot tools regularly, this one is an excellent option because it will inevitably save you money over time and save your hair from unnecessary damage."

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