4 Product-free Hair Tips From a Hairstylist for Healthy Hair!

From correctly applying dry shampoo to rinsing with cold water these are some easy tips our team member, Tara, learned from her hairstylist to add to a hair routine for better hair without adding any extra products to your routine! 

TIP 1:

Dry shampoo is holy grail product for those of us who loving skipping a wash or four. But you might be using way more than you need to-- I know I’m guilty of this! It’s one of the most common mistakes people make according to my hairstylist. It takes five to ten minutes for the dry shampoo to soak up all the oils in your hair. So when you’re spraying away, wait ten minutes and then keep spraying. By waiting first, the first spray is able to do its job before you add another layer. Sometimes one layer of spraying is all you need. Instead of over applying, spray one layer wherever needed, flip your hair around, and start applying your makeup or getting dressed. Then after ten minutes take another look and apply more if needed. This way you won’t over do it and you can save a little product.

TIP 2:

The next two tips are extremely important for anyone trying to achieve longer and healthier hair. It is important to consider your scalp health when discussing hair care. Massaging your scalp is an easy way to improve hair health. Massaging your scalp helps increase circulation allowing for better nourishment of the hair follicles. This tip helps strengthen the roots and promote hair growth. Massages are also known to reduce stress by increasing the production of endorphins which is an added benefit to overall health that comes with a scalp massage. I prefer to massage my scalp while I’m in the shower shampooing my hair, as I’ve found it was the easiest way to add it into my routine. However, you can do this wherever you are whenever you want!

TIP 3:

The third tip is to wash your hair with really cold water when you’re rinsing out your conditioner. Washing out your conditioner with cold water helps lock in all the moisture and seal the hair cuticles. Hot water can remove moisture from your hair whereas cold water retains moisture. This tip is also helpful for reducing frizz as the cold water helps your hair retain moisture, which can make frizz less apparent! Lastly, rinsing with cold water can also add shine to your hair by again locking in moisture. This is an easy trick to add into your shower routine for healthier, shinier, and frizz-free hair!

TIP 4:

This last tip is a brand new one I’ve never heard of before and recently added to my routine! All you need is a hairbrush. Before you are going to wash your hair, grab a brush and brush from root to end. You want to brush down all the oils at your roots to the ends of your hair. And if you don’t have a brush you can try doing this with your hands too. The oils will help nourish and protect your hair before you wash it. Shampoos can be hard on your hair and this is one way to help protect and keep your hair softer.

If you try any of these tips let us know what you think in the comments below!





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