Announcing: The VOLO Go Product Update Series!

Happy July!

Hope everyone is gearing up for the fourth! We're excited to be announcing our video update series! Get to know our founders, Ryan and Jonathan, in our introduction video below. Learn some fun facts (are they twins or no?!) as well as exactly what to expect with future product update videos. And be sure to tune in until the end to see our favorite outtakes and bloopers. Check out the first installment below!

VOLO Beauty is our passion project and we have been working tirelessly to make it come to life. We appreciate your support and want to keep you in the loop as much as possible about any important changes, deadlines and information regarding our products. 

Have questions about the VOLO Go Cordless Dryer, or about our production schedule? Drop us an email at and we'll make sure to include it in the next update. Until then, enjoy! 


  • Lore Lorenzo

    Looking forward to using the new cordless hairdryer! Can’t wait to tell all my friends about it here on the east coast! (PS I went to grade school and HS with carrie)

  • Christine Crain-Dehoyos

    I can’t wait to see this new cordless dryer in action. What a treat to take this on vacation and not worry about where to plug it in. Usually when on vacation my husband hogs the outlets in the bathroom in the morning. I have to wait until he is done to dry my hair. Now the convenience of not waiting for dry hair. Love the updates and will follow to see more.

  • Abigail Schuette

    So awesome ❣️

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