Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase

One of the easiest ways to take good care of your hair and skin that requires little to no effort is using a silk pillowcase! This is a beauty a hack that doesn’t require you to add anything to your skincare routine or haircare routine. Simply switch out your cotton pillowcase for a 100% silk pillowcase (and remember-- it’s important that you go with 100% silk rather than man-made because you won’t get the same benefits).

Let’s start with how silk pillowcases can benefit your hair. Silk pillowcases help reduce frizz, kinks, and fly-aways. For people who have naturally frizzy hair, this is a life saver. Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins has raved about them, saying, “Silk pillowcases work wonders for all kinds of hair types and textures as they keep the cuticle layer of the hair intact. With regular use, I’ve slept better, my hair is shinier, and it’s less prone to breakage.” The material of the pillowcase creates less friction when your hair is moving against it during the night, which reduces frizz and helps your hairstyle stay in place. Who doesn’t want their blowout to last longer and still look amazing?! Lastly, the pillowcase also helps your hair retain its natural oils, preventing dehydration.

The silk pillowcase isn’t just a hair lifesaver, but also a skin gamechanger. Cotton pillowcases allow for product buildup where bacteria that causes acne can thrive. Also, silk hydrates the skin, whereas cotton can dry it out. The hydration factor also plays a big role in the anti-aging component of silk pillowcases. When your skin is dehydrated, the appearance of fine lines becomes more defined. As silk is hydrating, it produces the opposite result and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

SLPBABY Silk Pillowcase, Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase, Zimasilk 100% Silk Mulberry Pillowcase, and YANIBEST 100% Pure Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase are all silk pillowcases that have been rated well by The Strategist. Whatever pillowcase you get, just make sure it’s 100% silk and not man-made!

If you try out a silk pillowcase, let us know if you notice any of these benefits in the comments below!



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