Black-Owned Business Series: A Dash of Luxe

 At VOLO Beauty, we want to show our support for the black community. As a small business, we decided this was the next step. Once a month, we will purchase products from a black-owned business for a giveaway and use our platform to help spread brand awareness. This month we are shining the spotlight on A Dash of Luxe!


This boutique exudes self-love, luxury, and a good time. A Dash of Luxe was founded by full-time bank manager, Crystal McEachin. That’s right! She has two full-time jobs. If you think you’re too busy for a passion project, keep reading for some major inspiration. 

This hard-working libra always wanted to own a business and work for herself. With an unmatchable entrepreneurial drive and a strong love of candles, A Dash of Luxe was launched last year. 

Founder Crystal always loved candles. “I would get them from any store.” If she was at Target or Walmart you could definitely find her in the candle aisle. It’s no surprise that Bath and Body Works was basically her second home!

Crystal has an innovative perspective, which the VOLO Beauty founders can relate to. She researched about candles and watched videos on how to make them. This part of her story is something we deeply align with-- she discovered through research that the big brand candles we consistently buy, aren’t as good for us as we may think. Their candles are made with toxic ingredients. So she set out to create products that are both luxurious and better for us.

In the beginning, Crystal curated six different scents for fun and brought them to work for her co-workers to try out. Some of them were hesitant, but most were instantly obsessed. Her coworkers raved about the candles, it wasn’t long before her skeptics turned into fans. At this point, her co-workers were requesting more candles ... and the rest is history.  



 We are so excited to support A Dash of Luxe through our giveaway taking place on September 8th. We will be giving away some of Crystal’s favorite products:


Palo Santo Candle: It’s the first scent she made. She describes her connection to this candle as “her firstborn.” The scent is not overbearing-- it’s very smooth and irresistible. Trust Crystal when she says, “you won’t want to put it out.” Link below to purchase.

Palo Santo

 C’est le Tein Candle: Crystal loves this scent! It is so popular as a room spray that it was sold out! So we are giving away the candle in the same scent. She told us, “people sometimes use the room spray as a body spray” since it’s a sexy scent that sets the mood. Her products are 100% natural and safe to use, so there is no reason this room spray can’t double as a body spray! Link below to purchase.

C’est le Tien



 Surprisingly, Crystal doesn’t burn candles every hour of the day and neither should you. It’s unsafe to leave a candle burning for more than 4 hours, it starts to release soot into the air, around the rim of the jar, and even on the walls of your home. On the flip side, you also shouldn’t burn a candle for a short period of time and put it right out. This will cause the candle to tunnel. Creating a small deep circle around the wick. Preventing you from getting the best experience from your candle. 



 This one-woman show would wake up early enough to drop off A Dash of Luxe packages at UPS or USPS near the bank she manages. On her commute to work, she engages on Instagram and updates her website. After she is done working her 9 to 5 she has a few minutes to eat dinner and then she is back to working on anything that needs to be done for A Dash of Luxe. She might be restocking, updating the website, engaging on social media, preparing content for the next day, or shipping customers their packages.



 In her life, the only thing that doesn’t seem hectic is her hair care routine! She loves a straight bob. She has a blunt cut that folds, and sometimes she styles it with a middle part and a bun. The only haircare product Crystal really uses is a heat protectant. But she likes to visit the salon every two weeks to maintain her hairstyle.



 Crystal has something very exciting in store for the A Dash of Luxe family! She has been working extremely hard to launch a zodiac candle line this Fall. The scents will be based on the Zodiac elements. Earth, Air, Water, and Fire signs. We don’t want to give it all away, but let’s just say this line will include more than fabulous scents. She has been collaborating with female-owned small businesses for label designs and a tarot card reader to incorporate something fun for her customers!

 At VOLO Beauty, we want to help other small businesses. We understand the dedication and sacrifice required to turn a great idea into a successful business. We are so honored to have the chance to support Crystal! Please go support this incredible female-owned and black-owned business. Enter in our giveaway and check out her website below!

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