Debuting the VOLO Go at CES 2018

This past week at CES 2018, we debuted the VOLO Go Cordless Dryer, the first cordless, infrared hair dryer, at Eureka Park. 

"Imagine a world where you can walk around the house while drying your hair. Thanks to VOLO Beauty, this is now a reality."

We chose to debut our dryer at the Consumer Electronics show rather than at a beauty show specifically to highlight the technology that differentiates the VOLO Go, and we couldn't have been more thrilled by the response. We had really in-depth questions and conversations all week long, and saw over 500 people at our booth throughout our time at CES. 

All week, we met with everyone from international bloggers, to journalists, podcasters to buyers, engineers to consumers. Though we barely had a moment to sit down, we were proud to meet so many who were as excited by the VOLO Go as we are. 

"This is like every girl's dream!" - Jana Montalbano 

The VOLO Go also headlined in the CES press. Ranging from a round up by the Wall Street Journal on new and brilliant technology, to a live twitter stream by The Verge, we'll link coverage below and continue to update this post with future links. We're thrilled to hear what others think about the first cordless, infrared hair dryer.




CES was only the first to come in the VOLO Go's public appearances, though. At VOLO HQ, we're beginning to prep our roadshow of live demos and events throughout the country (and perhaps abroad) to showcase the world's first cordless, infrared dryer, and to get the chance to meet with all of you. Those on our waitlist will be the first to know locations and dates for future events. 
We're so grateful for the experience we had at CES (and exhausted!), and can't wait to show you all what's next. 



  • angelo lim

    I own a mobile barber business and have been looking around for a wireless hair dryer for the past 3 years now. i make youtube videos for barber products and how to’s. would love to try your product out and make a video. Please send one my way for a review!

  • Nora

    How much is this? I would love to get one.

  • Nancy Ritterbush

    Would love to know the price and see how it works.

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