ELLE Magazine rave reviews of VOLO Hero!

Quoted from the article by Kristina Rodulfo: 

"I avoid washing my hair for as long as possible. The record is seven days (gross, I know). That's partly because I want to preserve my color, partly because I don't want to strip my scalp oils, but mostly because of sheer laziness. Washing and styling my thick, nearly waist-long hair is a process that takes up to 45 minutes I don't have in the morning. One hack that has helped me cut down significantly is using the Volo Hero Quick Dry Towel. Here's why it works:

The towel feels less heavy on your head.

Normally, I'd scoff at the idea of needing a separate towel for my hair—I usually just reuse my body towel. When I made the switch, however, I noticed an immediate difference. It feels less heavy on my head, which means less strain, potential breakage, and frizz on my strands. No more neck pain, either!

It cuts my hair drying time in half.

It's made of lightweight, ultra-soft microfiber that is super absorbent. When I use a normal bath towel and squeeze out excess water from my hair, I usually have to rough-dry my hair with a blowdryer before going in and styling with my go-to Dyson Airwrap. Using the Volo towel let me skip the rough-dry step entirely, and just go in with the Airwrap curling barrels. Hair doesn't come out of the towel sopping, just slightly damp, which is what I need for the Airwrap (it dries at the same time it styles). I was honestly shocked when I tried the towel for the first time and won back the five to 10 minutes it usually takes to dry.

It lets you be truly hands-free.

The thick elastic at the back of the towel helps you turn it into a towel-turban so you can multitask during your morning routine. It's much easier and more secure than the button-style fastening I've seen on competitors. There was no wobbling or sliding off my head. I applied body lotion, did my whole makeup look, and got dressed without ever having to adjust the towel on my head.

The towel is $39.

Ok, so this is less of a plus and more of an FYI. I know—who spends $40 on a hair towel? Hear me out. When I go to the salon to get a blowout, my hair is so thick that it always takes more than one hairstylist armed with a blowdryer to dry my hair quickly enough. Once, it took three people. This towel does the job of those three in one and makes my at-home blowouts that much easier. No more $50 spent going to a blow dry bar.

The towel is made of a cozy fabric.

Because details are important, I have to shoutout how luxe of an experience it is to use the towel. It feels so fuzzy and cozy that, honestly, if they made a blanket-size version of it I'd sleep in it.

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