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Exciting news and updates about the VOLO Go Cordless Hairdryer

AM LeBresco

Posted on October 30 2019

Exciting news and updates about the VOLO Go Cordless Hairdryer

We have just recieved our "Notice of Allowance" from the U.S. Patent Office. That means soon, we'll have even more intellectual property protection for the VOLO Go cordless hair dryer!

You're probably wondering: "Why does that matter?" This patent covers our battery-powered cordless hair dryer and our unique heating element. Our hybrid infrared heating element is more efficient and healthier for your hair than traditional hair dryers, and by having protection for the intellectual property of the VOLO Go, we're able to continue to develop this awesome dryer. We're so excited to have this invention recognized by the U.S. Patent Office. 

In other updates, we are working also on a carrying case for the hair dryer! This case will be a super cute way to pack your dryer up and take it with you wherever you need it to go. Stylish, easy, secure. We want to make sure that traveling with your dryer is a breeze, and think that having the additional case will make life that much easier. We'll have more details to share soon!

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