See What Customers Have to Say About the VOLO Hero

AM LeBresco

Posted on June 12 2020

See What Customers Have to Say About the VOLO Hero

Diane B

VOLO Towel

August 30, 2020

These are the best hair towels I have ever used. I will never be without one. Thank you VOLO for the rescue hair towel. Cuts my drying& styling time in half.

Erin K

No Frizz!

August 23, 2020

I have several hair wraps and microfiber hair towels- this beats them all! Dries faster and without frizz, which is crucial. I need about 5 more!

Kaitlin C

Love this product!

August 18, 2020

I am so happy my sister convinced me to buy this towel - it works great for my long, thick hair.

Kaye M

Love it. Very nice feel

August 17, 2020

Love it. Very nice feel and protects my hair from falling out.

Sierra L

Pure perfection

August 13, 2020

The volo hair towel is just so magical. I love having a towel that dries my hair all while feeling light and snag-free, even better that I am supporting a local business too!

Lauryn P

Best towel for your hair

August 7, 2020

I used to have a small cheap hair towel that hardly soaked up any water. Especially now that my hair is longer it is a good size and soaks a ton of water. Super soft too.

Theresa S


August 4, 2020

Absolutely the best hair drying towel out there!!

Danny M

Great hair towel

July 28, 2020

I ordered two of these towels for myself and my husband. We both have long hair and they are great. Not heavy, stays on and easy to use. Much better the ones we had before. I would recommend them fo anyone. They also dry very quickly after taking them off.

Patricia F

The best towel

June 19, 2020

I absolutely love this towel it is perfect for long or short hair. The piece that you tuck the end into is great. I’m thinking of getting some for my gal pals for Christmas gifts


VOLO Towel

June 6, 2020

Very, very soft and gentle on your hair! Incredible towel!

Free People Customer

Wonderful Product  

June 5, 2020

I got this towel for myself and some friends as a grad gift and everyone raves about it! It’s very nice on the hair and super comfy.


Awesome Towel!

June 3, 2020

I recently purchased this hair towel and thought it might be too bulky for me but that was not the case. I have long hair and a lot of it and this towel completely covers all of it without it feeling bulky at all! In addition, the elastic loop in the back is very secure. My “turban” did not budge, very impressed!



VOLO Hair Towel

May 27, 2020

This towel is great, it cuts my drying time significantly!

Free People Customer

A must have

May 21, 2020

I have very thick & long hair and have always used a hair towel to dry my hair. This one in particular caught my eye with its great color & the loop on the towel. That loop is a game changer when it comes to holding the towel in place while on your head and also works as a great way to hang your towel. Needless to say, I loved it so much I bought a 2nd one!

Amazon Customer

Love this towel

May 6, 2020

This is a terrific hair towel. It helps my hair dry faster and smoother. I love the band at the back to secure the tail of the towel.

Free People Customer

Perfect to Protect Curls!!

May 3, 2020

I have wavy hair and after using this towel consistently my hair is happy and silky and very curly!!!! Keeps moisture in and saves time drying since I don’t use a blow dryer. Get it!


Amazon Customer

Best Towel

April 21, 2020

LOVE my VOLO towel! My hair is very damaged and this has completely transformed my hair!!

Free People Customer

Huge Fan!

April 1, 2020

So glad I made this purchase. It’s so soft and fluffy. It doesn’t pull at my hair like other wraps or turbans. I don’t even need to use the strap to keep it in place as it will stay put. Love the pink color!

Amazon Customer

The BEST Product

February 26, 2020

I rarely write reviews but I had to this time - the VOLO hair towel is absolutely the best product I bought in a very long time! The main task of a hair towel is to absorb water out of your hair - and it can't believe how quickly it does that. It left me almost astonished. It's also super soft and generous in size. And I love the blush pink color as well. 


Free People Customer

Practical & Cute

February 9, 2020

Perfect hair wrap! I don’t think I’ll ever use a normal towel again. This hair wrap is light and easy to pack, and doesn’t weigh your head down at all like other heavy towels. The loop in the back holds the wrap together effortlessly. Not to mention, the pink plush color is adorable!

Ellen Bellamy-Gelman

Best hair towel

February 8, 2020

Was exactly what I needed. Cuts down on the drying time. I saw the towel whilst I was traveling and didn’t buy it. Then found it on Amazon. It is a perfect towel If you have long hair. Once you wrap your hair in it and secure, it stays in place.


Free People Customer


January 7, 2020

I love this towel! It's super soft, lightweight, absorbent, and is gentle on my hair. It makes my locks feel so luxuriously soft that I can't stop touching it!

Maureen Condosta

Super absorbent

January 6, 2020

I bought this for my daughter. She has long hair and usually just twists it into a bun and takes it out when she gets to work. In the winter she does have to dry it and this towel did cut her drying time. It attaches with an elastic band at the back. I was skeptical because of the price but it does do the job. If you need to get out quickly this is for you.


Lisa Fioravanti

Buy this towel

August 20, 2019

Great towel I love it for my long hair not many fit.

Karianne Kirk

LOVE! Just as advertised!

July 4, 2019

Best hair towel I’ve ever purchased!!

Candice McGlinn

Best purchase ever!

July 1, 2019

Life changing!

Kacey Gilpin

You need this

June 11, 2019

This is my favorite thing I’ve purchased in 2019. It is SO soft and absorbent and feels much better on my head than a regular towel. It doesn’t pull on my hair and my hair dries faster than it used to! Even comfortable to sleep with it on! I got it for my sister for her birthday and will probably get one for my daughters, too!


Alexis Biasell

Easy to wrap towel

April 16, 2019

Really easy to wrap up your hair, and the towel stays in place. Does a good job of drying my hair a bit before I get started on the blow dry.


Love this towel!

April 2, 2019

I love this towel! It’s really soft, big enough for my long hair and drastically reduces drying time! I can wear it while I’m getting ready, it’s not heavy and stays secure on my head. Doesn’t compare to any other towel that I’ve owned, had to buy 2 more!

Amazon Customer

Best Towel Ever!

April 2, 2019

I LOVE this towel! It is so soft and absorbent and dries my hair quicker. It shortens the amount of time it takes for my hair to dry and it's really big. I recommend!!

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars 

April 1, 2019

Listen, I DO NOT leave Amazon reviews. So the fact that I'm really here to leave a comment already says a lot. I have thick, straight, waist-long hair that usually takes three hair stylists at the salon to dry. Really. This towel cut my hair drying time at home significantly—I'd say it saves me 5-10 minutes. I just put it on out of the shower, do the rest of my morning routine of makeup, getting dressed, etc, and when my hair comes out it's damp—not sopping wet, which makes it easier than ever to style quickly with my Dyson Airwrap. I get to skip the rough-dry step and it's the best. Highly recommend.

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