My Experience With The VOLO Hero

Hi, my name is Sam and I’m the Social Media Intern at VOLO Beauty! I had always been skeptical of using a separate towel specifically for drying hair. I would wonder: Is it really necessary? I had never tried a hair towel until my junior year of college. Fast forward a year, and it’s safe to say I never went back. I now consider the VOLO Hero to be one of my beauty-routine essentials!

My hair is on the thinner side, so I’ve always had a problem keeping volume while locking in moisture. As a result, my hair has suffered a lot of heat damage over the years as I’ve tried to imitate the salon look with heavy-duty hairdryers. After using the Hero for over a year, I’ve witnessed my hair come back to life! I wrap my hair in the Hero as soon as I step out of the shower-- it also doubles as the perfect way to tie your hair back and commence your beauty routine. The towel is extremely plush because it’s made of microfiber material that quickly absorbs water. Right out of the shower, it cuts my drying time by more than half. I only need to use a hairdryer for about five minutes. Previously, I would waste up to twenty minutes trying to dry my hair and I was limited by a heavy towel wrapped around my head. The grippy strap on the back of the VOLO Hero allows me to go hands-free as I go about my beauty routine. I can exfoliate, moisturize, and apply makeup while the Hero stays put on my head. By the time I take it off, my hair is almost completely dry! I was immediately obsessed with the Hero and so were all of my roommates. The only way to get them to stop stealing it from my bathroom was by getting them their own!

 I can already see the difference the Hero has made after only one year. By preventing unnecessary heat damage and protecting from breakage, this towel is my HERO! With a beautiful new shine, my healthy locks are glossier than ever before. The best part is, my hair grows faster than ever.

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