Skincare Routine: Start with the Basics

If you’re still using the same product to wash your body and face--keep reading! And even if you have a 20 step skincare routine, you should still check this out because there may be some basic steps you’ve overlooked.

Starting a skincare routine can be very overwhelming. It’s difficult to figure out where to even begin in the giant, daunting world of skincare. And if you’ve never had a reason to visit the dermatologist (lucky you) there are some very basics steps you can take to start a simple skincare routine!

First, let’s start with sleep! Of course, getting a full night’s rest is a key factor in maintaining gorgeous skin but so is what you’re sleeping on! Silk helps your skin retain moisture. Silk has hypoallergenic properties which allow for a natural resistance to allergens like mold and dust mites. Not to mention, silk also reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Skincare doesn’t just start with facial products! It’s important to make sure your pillowcase, something you use nightly, is made out of silk for a flawless complexion.

Moving on from your pillowcase to your towels! It might sound obvious but please do not use the same towel to dry your hands and face. The towel you use to dry your hands is probably a lot rougher than a face towel and you’ll want to keep the towel you put on your face as clean as possible. Additionally, you should always wash your face towel at least once a week if not more often than that. If you’re really busy (or lazy like me) be sure to invest in a set of face towels so you can go an extra week or so without having to wash them.

Now that we’ve covered everyday household items to add to your skincare routine, we can move on to products. Let’s begin with facewash! There are so many different kinds of face washes: Cerave, Simple, Cetaphil, Micellar cleanser and beyond. These are all great, simple face washes that aren't too expensive and are extremely gentle on your skin. It’s always best to avoid washing your face with the same bar of soap you use to wash your body as it can be harsh on your skin.

After cleansing with your face wash, you want to make sure you’re applying some type of moisturizer to make up for lost moisture. Again, there are many different products, but brands such as Cetaphil, Neutrogena, and Cerave all make great moisturizers. If your skin gets really dry, you will want to make sure you’re using a thick, creamy moisturizer. You can also use different types of face oils to moisturize your face, however, this isn’t recommended if you have acne prone skin as it may cause further irritation.

The last basic step of the skincare routine should definitely be sunscreen. SPF is so important. As we all know, UV rays can cause sunburns, skin cancer and wrinkles! You can combine this step with the previous one and make sure your moisturizer has enough SPF to protect your face from the sun. Or you can invest in a bottle of facial sunscreen that is non-comedogenic. Check to see if it says non-comedogenic on the sunscreen label as this will ensure that it won’t clog your pores and cause acne. Sunscreen is essential for skin health. Even if you’re only going to be in the sun for 20 minutes, don’t skip this step. Your skin will thank you!

We hope you learned something beneficial from these basic steps for an awesome skincare routine. Let us know if you learned anything helpful here to get started on your new simple skincare routine or you found your own basic steps to add into your routine!

Let us know in the comments below if you try this skin care routine or have any recommendations to share!


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