Startup to Storefront Podcast Featuring VOLO Beauty

Our First Podcast Feature

Last week, we were featured on the Startup to Storefront Podcast, and are so excited to tell the story of founding VOLO Beauty and bringing our star products to market. We sat down with their team to talk through the journey that VOLO Beauty has been on, from garage to a team of ten. The Startup to Storefront podcast covers all the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and how entrepreneurs manage to overcome the hurdles and obstacles along the way.

"We went through about 50 fabrics and realized that they're all not great. So we actually invented our fabric-- we engineered it and we call it Nanoweave."

Starting from Scratch 

As we chatted about with the Startup to Storefront team, we saw the inefficiencies of the existing hair dryers on the market and vowed to change it. As we started our research and learned even more about hair health, we realized that there was a huge blank space for products that center the health of your hair alongside frizz-free style.

"What we've found is that when hair is damp, it's very vulnerable and that's when it can be damaged the most."


The Journey Continues

We love getting to share our story and look back at all the hard work it has taken to bring VOLO Beauty to life. Most of all, we love getting to talk about the innovation behind the VOLO Hero and VOLO Go. Both have been products our team poured their hearts into, and we are incredibly proud of the innovative solutions we have developed for happy, healthy hair. We can't wait for the new products we are launching in the new year. 

"The idea of the cordless hairdryer came from walking through salons and seeing all the cords strung out all over the salon stations."

Listen on to hear about the humble beginnings, the many iterations of the Hero towel fabric, how we invented Nanoweave, and how we re-engineered the hair dryer to create the first cordless, infrared hair dryer. 

You can check out the podcast on Youtube, or on Apple Podcasts

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