The VOLO Hair Series: Brittany

The VOLO Hair Series: Brittany

July 27, 2018


Introducing the VOLO Hair Series! Each week, we sit down and chat with an awesome gal to hear more about everything from how they take care of their hair to how they found their perfect cut. Want to take part? Shoot us an email at to learn more about getting involved!


Brittany works for a PR agency and is the creator of Coco and Blush, “a style blog with feminine flair”. Born and raised in Seattle, Brittany has been in PR for about six years now and started Coco and Blush as a passion project about a year ago. She uses it as a platform to share her passion for photography, fashion, art and beauty - choosing beautiful imagery and products she stands behind.

What is your everyday or go to hairstyle?

“So my hair always needs something to be done with it. Just out of the shower it’s kind of frizzy and all over the place. I usually will blow dry it then straighten it. Sometimes I’ll take a shower at night then let it air dry and straighten it in the morning. Beachy waves are my go to hairstyle.”

Have you ever tried any drastic or out-of-character hairstyles?

“When I was younger I tried cutting my hair short to a bob and dyed it this horrible red color. It was so, so bad. After that I let it grow. Now I dye my hair blonde, and I’ve been blonde for years.”

What is one non-negotiable part of your hair-care or styling routine?

“I splurge on nice shampoos and conditioners. Because I color my hair so much, and I have to straighten it more than the normal person to style it, I always invest in high quality shampoos and heat protection products such as Kérastase.

What is your favorite hair-care secret to gorgeous hair? (Ex - using hair masks, curling hair with a straightener, putting hair up in a microfiber towel, etc.)

“I’ve had the same wand for 6 years. It’s never wavered in the heat and it never fails. It holds my curls like no other. I love that thing and I also swear by the Olaplex treatment which works really well.”

Who is your hair inspiration or hair goals? Why?

“There’s a blogger called Olivia Rink. Her hair is amazing. I would want her hair transplanted to me. I also think celebrity-wise, Olivia Culpo has a really cool bob and it looks so sleek and healthy. I love the cut for her face and style.”

If you could magically change your hair to any length and color for one day, what would your dream hair look like?

“It would be like mermaid hair. It would probably be down to my stomach. A really pretty, bright ashy blonde with lots of volume.”

What are you most proud of about your hair?

“I am proud of the color. I’ve been going to my colorist for over ten years now. She’s like a close family friend. She’ll do my hair at my wedding one day.”

How did you figure out what haircut/color is most flattering for you?

“I’ve been blonde for probably about 10 years now. I’ve never changed it because I have fair skin and I feel like dark hair might be a little harsh with my complexion. I really like how the blonde brightens me up. I’ve changed the tone of it (golden, purple, ashy) so I have changed it up that way but I’ve mostly just been blonde. I probably figured out what is best on me by seeing hair that was really pretty after high school and deciding to dye my hair blonde.”

If you had to pick one quote or short piece advice to promote hair confidence and acceptance, what would it be?

“Try not to compare your hair to someone else’s, which is hard, but I think knowing your hair well and understanding the uniqueness of your particular hair...natural, color and everything, taking care of that, and really giving yourself the best hair care you can is so important.”

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