The VOLO Hair Series: Karen Olea


Introducing the VOLO Hair Series! Each week, we sit down and chat with an awesome gal to hear more about everything from how they take care of their hair to how they found their perfect style. Want to take part? Shoot us an email at to learn more about getting involved!

Karen is a San Diego native. She fell in love with blogging when she was very young. She loved writing and fashion, when she was able to combine her two loves through a blog she started one and never looked back. She’s currently has a Youtube Channel in the works that will be focused on reporting and interviewing all around San Diego. Outside of blogging, she likes to spend time with her parents, thrift shop, paint and loves to DIY!



What is your every day or go to hairstyle?

I wouldn’t say I have an everyday style. Since I’m passionate about styling hair, I try not to repeat the same hairstyle during the same week. But if I had to choose, I’d say hair down and parted in the middle with loose curls. A very effortless but groomed hairstyle.

Have you ever tried any drastic or out-of-character hairstyles?

Yes, I’ve done a mohawk french braid, a sleek high pony with a french braid, a top knot bun with faux a fashionista, I believe hairstyles complete an outfit!

What is one non-negotiable part of your hair-care or styling routine?

Purple shampoo! That is my lifesaver. Also, I use extra shine and protection serum before applying heat keeps my hair intact.

What is your favorite hair-care secret to gorgeous hair? (Ex - using hair masks, curling hair with a straightener, putting hair up in a microfiber towel, etc.)

I braid my hair every night before bed. I’ve done this since I was a little girl. It's a great way to avoid extreme breakage. Also, you wake up with natural waves. Score!

Who is your hair inspiration or hair goals? Why?

Olivia Culpo! She makes short hair look chic and low maintenance. I’m a lover of long hair but maybe when I’m older and want an extreme makeover I will go for Olivia Culpo vibes.

If you could magically change your hair to any length and color for one day, what would your dream hair look like? A red lob! I would never want that for too long and I’ve always wondered what red hair would look like on me.

What are you most proud of about your hair?

How easy it is to style. My medium to coarse hair makes my braids easy to style and my balayage coloring makes beach waves pop this summer.

How did you figure out what haircut/color is most flattering for you?

It’s definitely a trial and error kind of thing. I’ve always rocked my natural black hair. But with summer here, I thought I’d give this lighter balayage look a try and I’m not mad at it!

If you had to pick one quote or short piece advice to promote hair confidence and acceptance, what would it be?

“The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do” - Swati Sharma

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