The Most Gentle Hair Towel Ever

Our quick dry hair towel is officially available for purchase!

We went through months and months of brainstorming, choosing through dozens of material samples, testing countless prototypes...and finally, the day is here. Our very first product has arrived.

Introducing, the VOLO Hero:

We have put so much passion, creativity and energy into designing "The Most Gentle Hair Towel Ever". Plush, absorbent and secure...sure, you could say we’re biased, but we are seriously obsessed with the VOLO Hero and know you will be too.

So, where can you buy a towel? We decided to use Kickstarter. If you aren’t familiar with the Kickstarter platform, no worries-- we’ll break things down for you.

Kickstarter FAQ

What is Kickstarter?
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative products. We felt our beauty-tech startup was the perfect fit for their services and are excited to offer the VOLO Hero through Kickstarter at a discounted price (the lowest we will ever be able to sell it!).

Yes, you can purchase the VOLO Hero for up to 50% off retail price. 

What is a “backer”?
Backers are those who support our campaign by pledging money or making a purchase through our Kickstarter. (If you buy a towel, you are officially a backer of our campaign!)

What is a “funding goal”?
A funding goal is the amount of money a campaign must make in order to complete a project. With your support, we will reach our goal of $4,000, and you will receive your quick dry hair towel according to our timeline!

What is the timeline for delivery?
We chose Kickstarter so we can raise money for large-scale manufacturing. Our campaign begins today, August 14th, and will be complete in September. We'll use the rest of that month to finalize details regarding packaging, production and shipment, and the VOLO Hero will be delivered to you in October!

Will it be shipped on time?
We are very confident in our manufacturing process. Kickstarter is the last step in getting our towels made and, with your support, we will get the product into your hands according to the expected timeline.

For other questions regarding Kickstarter, feel free to check out this page. Still have questions? We are here for you! Please reach out at and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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  • Catherine Ayers

    That cool a towel that dry your hair

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