Why use an Infrared Bulb?

So we put an infrared bulb into a hair dryer. Big deal? Huge deal. Here’s why:

Let’s start with hair health—the major focus for us here at VOLO Beauty. 

Your average, traditional blow dryer works like this: a nichrome wire, similar to the wiring in a toaster over, heats up inside the body of the dryer. Then, as air is drawn in, the hot nichrome wire heats the air, and the dryer blows the air out at your hair.

The thing about creating convective heat like these blow dryers do, however, is that you really are toasting your hair, warming it from the outside in. To get your hair totally dry, this means the outside of your hair ends up…well… crispy, like the browned edges on toast.

The only way to warm things all the way through, using a traditional dryer, is to overexpose the external parts of your strands to heat. This is why blow drying often leads to frizz, as well as more lasting heat damage.

Enter infrared heat.

Infrared heat penetrates your hair, warming it from the inside, out. While using a infrared dryer like the VOLO Go, you are warming the hair evenly, cutting down the amount of time necessary to use a heat styling device, and therefore minimizing heat exposure and potential heat damage.

Unlike the toaster concept, you aren’t causing friction along the surface of the hair (leading to the dreaded frizz), but instead are heating your hair similar to how the sun heats your body.

An important note—the sun’s rays are made of three types of infrared light—near, middle, and far. Ultra Violet Rays, the ones that burn our skin, are near infrared rays, meaning the wave lengths are shorter, and they don’t penetrate much, which is why they only heat (and ultimately, burn) your skin.

Our infrared bulb emits Far Infrared Rays, a completely safe and deeply penetrative red light source that is the healthiest and most beneficial rays for the human body.

We’re pretty excited about our infrared bulb in the VOLO Go. But, after you read this, can you blame us? Want to know more about the health benefits of Far Infrared light? Check out this post to learn more:

Infrared light for hair health 


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  • Edwin Feregrino

    This is great, not only a product that makes the promise to dry but one that dries and the initiative to also reduce damage to hair!

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