The VOLO Super Hero XL Hair Towel

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Not all hair is the same, which is why we made the Super Hero. It’s everything we love about the VOLO Hero, plus an extra 30% more fabric and larger snug strap for longer or thicker hair types.

You know the deal: the Super Hero decreases dry time by 50%, and our snug strap ensures your towel stays tucked into place. It’s as easy as wrap, twist, and tuck. Sometimes bigger is better (but you didn’t hear that from us).

The VOLO Super Hero is 39.4 x 30.5 inches (compared to 39.4 x 23.5 inches on the regular Hero).

Just like the OG towel, the VOLO Super Hero hair towel gently absorbs excess water from your hair to help it dry more quickly, and with less damage to the strands. The magic happens without you having to lift a finger.

NANOWEAVE™: Nanoweave is our baby-blanket-soft, cloud-light, crazy-strong dream fabric. It absorbs 10x its own weight in water, cuts your dry time in half, and is so light you’ll truly forget it’s on your head. 

SNUG STRAP: We were sick of towels unraveling and falling off of our heads every time we moved, so we dreamed up the snug strap to solve the problem. With the snug strap, that puppy’s not going anywhere. 

SUPER SIZED: With an extra seven inches added to the length of the towel, the Super Hero is sure to cover longer and thicker hair types.

What is Nanoweave™?

Nanoweave™ is our favorite microfiber fabric ever. It’s extremely dense and plush, allowing it to absorb tons of water out of your hair. It’s baby soft, and washes and dries like a dream. 

Can I use the VOLO Go with the VOLO Hero? 

Absolutely! We highly recommend starting your haircare routine with a microfiber towel like the VOLO Hero to remove excess water and prepare your hair to be dried. Once you do this, you’ll find your dry time drastically diminishes, and you expose your hair to much less heat. 

Should I get a regular Hero or Super Hero towel? 

Depends on your hair. For most hair types, we recommend the original VOLO Hero. If you have longer hair (think well past your shoulders) or significantly thicker hair that is difficult to dry, we recommend the Super Hero.  

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I am in love with this hair towel! I love how soft it is and how there is a strap to hold the towel in place! It has not fallen off my head! I would recommend this towel to anyone!


I absolutely love my VOLO a hero quick dry towel!! It’s super absorbent, yet so gentle on my hair. I love the softness and I also use it on my little kids hair and they love it!!!

Kristy O

Super Gentle


It Won't Fall Off


Soak it all in