What is infrared heat and how does it work? 

For over 100 years, traditional hair dryers have used nichrome wire to create heat, and a fan blows the hot air. This kind of heat transfer is called convection— the same type that you might find in your toaster. Infrared is different, it is radiant heat transfer— similar to how we feel the warmth of the sun, radiant heat efficiently penetrates into the thickest of hair and dries evenly from the inside out. 

How does the VOLO Go prevent heat damage? 

By drying using infrared heat, the VOLO Go dries hair at a lower temperature, and dries the hair evenly from the inside out. Traditional dryers heat the air around the hair rather than the hair itself, so the outside of your strand is exposed to excess heat before the entire strand is dry all the way through. Because of the infrared heat used in the VOLO Go, it avoids this excess damage. 

Can I use the VOLO Go with the VOLO Hero? 

Absolutely! We highly recommend starting your haircare routine with a microfiber towel like the VOLO Hero to remove excess water and prepare your hair to be dried. Once you do this, you’ll find your dry time drastically diminishes, and you expose your hair to much less heat. 

What is Smart Mode? 

Smart Mode conserves energy and modulates the heat output as your hair dries to use less heat overall on your hair. Smart Mode is automatically activated when you turn your dryer on. For full heated power, you can always turn Smart Mode off by pressing the VOLO button on the right.

How heavy is the VOLO Go?

The VOLO Go only weighs about 2.8 pounds, including the battery pack. To put that in perspective, that’s the same as a MacBook Air. Or, about four bananas.

Is it safe?

VOLO Go uses the safest battery-powered technology on the market. We work with world class suppliers who don’t cut corners. The lithium-ion cells in our battery packs are the same ones trusted for use in most electric vehicles around the world.

Can a professional use this dryer?

Definitely. The initial VOLO Go will have great output in terms of heat and volume (compared to pro dryers like the Bionic 10X and Dyson) and many stylists, especially session stylists, are taking interest. Keep in touch to hear more about the multi-bay charger and other pro features we will be rolling out!