QUARTZ INFRARED BULB: Traditional hair dryers use nichrome wire to deliver the heat. This kind of heat is called convection— the same type that you might find in your toaster. The VOLO Go infrared bulb delivers radiant heat like the sun, so it dries your hair at lower temperature and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. It’s basically our secret sauce. 

LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: A removable lithium ion battery pack allows for cordless drying, and can be switched out for extra batteries if needed. The battery is quick to recharge in about 90 minutes. 

CHARGING STATION: Our unique charging station is extremely low profile—perfect for a countertop or vanity— and has a subtle dish for jewelry or hair accessories. Plus, we added a USB port to the charging base so that you can charge other devices (like your phone) at the same time.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Each VOLO GO comes with a concentrator, charging station, and neoprene carrying case.