Know before you go!

Looks like someone is checking out with a VOLO Go Cordless Dryer. Congratulations! We think you are going to love having the highest quality, newest tech on the market, and we know your hair will, too. Before you check out, we wanted to walk you through what you will be receiving. Scroll down to proceed to checkout.

Quartz infrared bulb

The VOLO Go uses infrared heat, meaning it will not feel as hot as the traditional dryer you may be used to. Infrared heat drys your hair from the inside out. This is one of our favorite parts of the dryer, and we can’t wait for you to say goodbye to heat damage.

Lithium Ion Battery

The VOLO go is heavier than a traditional dryer, weighing in at around 2.5 lbs. Think the weight of a pineapple, if you have one lying around. This weight is due to the high powered lithium ion battery in the dryer, and we feel it’s worth the added ounces.

Smart Mode

Speaking of lithium ion batteries, the battery in the dryer lasts for a range of 14-25 minutes, depending on your heat settings. In our testing, we’ve found this to be more than sufficient for all hair types—even thicker, denser locks—thanks to the powers of infrared heat.

Faster Dry Time

The airflow may feel different than you are used to: we optimized the airflow and heat output so that they are in perfect balance. We don’t love feeling like we are taking a leaf blower to our heads, and we’re sure you don’t either. With our airflow, your hair will still dry quickly and efficiently.

need title

The VOLO Go is designed to sit on your countertop to charge, like an electric toothbrush. Make sure to clear some counter space! For travel, we recommend taking the charging base with you. The dimensions of the base are 10.5’’ x 3.75’’ x 2’’

No Frizz

Shipping for the VOLO Go will begin in March of this year. You can expect your order by the middle of the month. We can’t wait for you to use the technology we have been crafting for five years. Welcome to the haircare revolution.