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VOLO Hero Towel Coverage:

"Washing and styling my thick, nearly waist-long hair is a process that takes up to 45 minutes I don't have in the morning. One hack that has helped me cut down significantly is using the VOLO Hero Quick DryTowel." - ELLE Magazine

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VOLO Go Cordless Dryer Coverage:

"Meet the VOLO Go, which uses infrared light and heat to penetrate the thickest part of your hair so that it dries from the inside out (causing less damage overall). Powered by the same lithium-ion battery cells found in electric cars, the dryer is both energy efficient and powerful—boasting an average dry time of seven minutes." - PureWow



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Vogue Paris 
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January, 2018, “Volo Go Cordless Infrared Hairdryer,” Gamer Headquarters 

"Drying is as quick as it is in the salon, but the technology is very safe and is softer on the hair. It is also wireless, meaning there’s no fire risk with foreign plug adaptors, and the battery lasts for 14 minutes – the exact amount of time needed to dry your hair." - Vogue Paris 

January, 2018, “Geek is Chic: Beauty Tech at CES 2018,” Beauty Matter 
January 15, 2018, “Ces 2018, la top 10 degli accessori (tra asciugacapelli smart e chip abbronzanti),” Wired IT, Italy 
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January 6, 2018, “Be Completely Untangled While Blow Drying Thanks to VOLO Go,” Gear Diary


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