What is Nanoweave™?

Nanoweave™ is our favorite microfiber fabric ever. It’s extremely dense and plush, allowing it to absorb tons of water out of your hair. It’s baby soft, and washes and dries like a dream. 

Can I use the VOLO Go with the VOLO Hero? 

Absolutely! We highly recommend starting your haircare routine with a microfiber towel like the VOLO Hero to remove excess water and prepare your hair to be dried. Once you do this, you’ll find your dry time drastically diminishes, and you expose your hair to much less heat. 

Should I get a regular Hero or Super Hero towel? 

Depends on your hair. For most hair types, we recommend the original VOLO Hero. If you have longer hair (think well past your shoulders) or significantly thicker hair that is difficult to dry, we recommend the Super Hero.