A History of Hair Dryers

We’re often asked, “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?"

Have you ever plugged your dryer into the wall, turned it on, and immediately blown a fuse? Us, too.

The problem is that your hair dryer requires a TON of energy to power, often upwards of 1800 Watts.

The beauty industry often sells on the story that higher wattage equals faster dry. That’s true for a few reasons—your dryer becomes hotter more quickly, and it blows more air. At the same time, you are exposing your hair to higher temperatures (read: more heat damage), and also risking a blown fuse! If that doesn’t sound great to you, we get how you feel.

Super high-wattage dryers would be impossible to power with a rechargeable battery. So we re-engineered the hair dryer from the ground up to create a product that operates at a lower wattage (without sacrificing power or performance), exposes you to less heat damage, and can go anywhere you need it to. You can read more about our infrared technology here!

Ultimately, the hair dryer hasn't seen innovation since it was created, but we're here to change that. Check out a little history of hair dryers below!


The History of the Hairdryer


  • Katie Fishburn

    Freedom at last!

  • Bethany Barnes

    I’ve been doing hair for ten years and have been saying this whole time: I wish someone would invent a cordless hair dryer!!!! I’m super excited to try it!!!

  • Dugg Kirkpatrick

    I’ve been waiting for this since the 70’s !

  • Dawn Christophersen

    Great Idea! Cordless hairdryer!

  • Sedina Demcanoj

    It would be great to take care about my (long,wild) hair with this dryer…
    Better cordless than hairless

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