The VOLO Body Towel

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Who says only your face and hair get to have all the fun? Made to be the most gentle and plush towel your body has ever met, our Nanoweave body towel is about to be your bath time BFF. 

This is simply the best bath towel you will ever use. To be clear, it is different, and you'll notice this right away. You won't rub the water off your skin: with the VOLO Body Towel, you will wrap yourself and pat yourself dry with one touch, which is faster and more gentle on your skin. 

Towel choice matters, and ordinary terry cloth towels just don't dry very efficiently, and they are rough on your skin. The VOLO Body Towel is the ultimate upgrade to your self-care routine: the superior absorbency and ultra-soft touch Nanoweave material offer your skin with a truly luxe drying experience. You'll end up taking your VOLO towel with you when you travel!

Tip: the VOLO Body Towel is a great gift for men and women alike!

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Dimensions: 54 in (137 cm) x 33 in (84cm)