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Towel + Sidekick Bundle

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When it comes to taking great care of your hair, towel drying is often the most important. Wet hair is vulnerable hair, and a traditional bath towel causes hair breakage and tugs on your scalp as you rough dry your hair. The VOLO Hero is here to change that. 

  • The Hero's microfiber material is soft and plush, making it extremely absorbent and much gentler on your locks 

  • The Hero decreases dry time by 50% by removing more water than other towels 

  • Our snag-free grippy strap ensures your towel will stay tucked into place - no more wobbling to the side or falling off completely. Simply wrap your hair up, tuck under the strap, leave up as long as you please and continue conquering the world. 
Scrunchies should be gentle too. Let’s go easy on your hair. 
  • The Scrunchies are made of our soft and plush Hero microfiber material, making them much gentler on your locks. 

  • The Scrunchies decrease dry time by removing water from the hair while holding your style in place. Perfect for a sweaty workout or a day on the lake, at the beach or pool.

  • Two’s better than one! There are two Scrunchies per box, but we won’t tell if you don’t want to share. 

  • Each set comes with one Luna Gray and one Cloud Pink Scrunchie. 
Stop tugging on those roots! 
  • The Spa Headband is made of our soft and plush Hero fabric, making it much gentler on your locks. 

  • The Spa Headband will carefully hold your hair back without affecting your hair style. There’s never a need for a bad hair day.

  • Complete your at-home spa day with the softest most gentle Spa Headband.